At first it was only a whistle, some bird calling in the night. Then I saw a flicker of light, and answered with my own. Sparks leapt up, revealing his face, the hungry grin that mirrored my own. With each stroke the hours fell away, the words that seemed so important, once, but not anymore. My sword in my hand, my enemy before me, and a smile upon my lips.

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Stone Secrets

Stone smiles looked back at her, every one broken and jagged. A few still had their eyes, but most were worn away. Slowly she clambered over the stone figures, careful not to topple them. Only the grating sound of loose gravel hinted at her presence. In the distance she could still hear that haunting song. She couldn’t make out the words, but the sound was heartbreaking, and frightening.

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It was raining again. Thick, heavy drops that pelted the ground like shells. Tom watched from his window, wondering what others might see if they looked in. rivulets of water ran down the glass. Samantha stirred in her sleep, a forgotten book slowly sliding down her lap; hints of a smile as she turned to face him. How he longed to wake her, to see her smile. But his hands were cold, and she was warm, under her blanket.